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About Us

A breath of fresh air.

Choose confidently, knowing you’ll be working with a team that does things differently. We believe you’ll be refreshed by the whole experience.

A breath of fresh air.
A breath of fresh air.
A breath of fresh air.

Are you ready for a change of scenery?

You’ve been thinking about a change for a while now. Life has changed. You’ve changed. Now your landscape needs to change. And the more you think about freshening things up a bit, the more excited you get about it. 

Your vision is becoming clearer. And yet... even though you’re excited about the possibilities of a new landscape, you’re not really looking forward to the process. 

We understand that feeling. When it comes to reimagining your front or backyard, you can’t entrust your dreams to just anyone. At Vandenberg, we know that choosing a contractor is an important decision. That’s why we do things a little differently. 

The difference an established company makes.

Forty years ago, Henry Vandenberg started our company with a simple goal: to help people care for and enjoy their yards. Since then, we’ve grown and matured as a company, mostly as a result of asking a simple but profound question: “why?” 

We believe that asking this question is the most important first step we can take with you. Because when we start with “why?” we get to know you and what it is that you value in life. 

This purpose-driven process is where our best designs come from — and it’s what sets us apart from others. It’s also one of the most important ways we accomplish our mission: to improve the way people experience landscape services. 

Our Team

  • Matt Vandenberg


    Matt grew up in the landscaping business, working for his father and managing the maintenance division of Vandenberg Landscapes. When his father took early retirement, Matt had a decision to make — take over for his father or try his hand at something new.

    After working a variety of jobs in construction and building maintenance, he realized just how much he loved landscaping. He went back to school and got his CNLA (Canadian Nursery Landscape Association) Certifications and a Diploma in Horticulture and took over as President and Project Manager of Vandenberg Landscapes.

    While he was learning the ropes, he had the good fortune to work with some of the industry leaders of the day — doing maintenance with Modern Grounds and landscaping with Bruce Hunter. These experiences influenced and shaped the type of work Vandenberg is known for today.

    Matt is proud of his team and the work they do. As Project Manager, he coordinates the smaller projects and works directly with the team leaders. He enjoys watching them grow personally and professionally and is happy to create opportunities for those eager to advance.

    When he’s not working he likes to spend time playing baseball and billiards with his boys and going on RV road trips with his family.

  • Pat Vandenberg

    Project Manager

    Pat joined Vandenberg Landscaping when he was looking for a summer job… and since his dad owned the company, he figured it was the easiest way to get his first job. No interview required! He also worked at a local nursery throughout high school and spent one spring season working for another landscaping company.

    Prior to working at Vandenberg full-time, Pat coached basketball at his old high school and even did three years of post-secondary education in Kinesiology with the goal of becoming a P.E. teacher. But teaching kids isn’t the same as coaching kids… so he returned to landscaping.

    He realized he really enjoyed the work — and the people he worked with. He always says, “I spend more time with my coworkers than I do my wife, so I better like who I work with!” Although he wouldn’t classify himself as “high maintenance” he does appreciate Matt providing him with everything he needs — tools, equipment, time off, work retreats etc, — without having to ask. “I got started here, and Matt makes it too hard to leave" (In a good way of course!).

    As a Project Manager, his main priority is planning, communication, and training, but he still tries to get as much physical work in as he can each day. Always looking to improve, he became a Certified Aquascape Contractor and is now our water feature “guru”. And like many in the landscaping industry, Pat loves being able to transform a property, taking it from a blank slate to a beautifully landscaped yard.

    Outside of work, Pat enjoys sports and plays in a soccer league and a softball league. He is also quite content to stay home with his family. His boys love to help out and as a family, they completed multiple home renovations over the years. He’s also active in his church community and helps out with various events throughout the year.

  • Trent Brown

    Sales & Design

    Before Trent committed himself to a career, he wanted to make sure it would be something he loved — so he spent time working on a farm, waiting tables, cooking and even traveling South America for a few months.

    He tried landscaping too, and loved the work… but the company he was working for wasn’t a great culture fit. A family friend recommended he apply at Vandenberg, so he reached out for an interview. He started out on the install team and decided to go to school for horticulture design. Matt helped him hone his design skills and now, twelve years later, Trent is Vandenberg Landscapes’ Design Manager.

    As Design Manager, Trent helps homeowners become clear on what they’re looking for when it comes to upgrading their landscapes. Getting to know his clients and understanding their motivations for embarking on a landscaping project is one of the things he likes best about landscape design. He gets immense pleasure from tailoring a design specific to their needs and seeing how delighted they are with the end results.

    Trent likes working at Vandenberg because he enjoys the company culture, team atmosphere, and opportunities for growth. In an industry with a bad rap for unreliability, Vandenberg is a breath of fresh air. The work is fulfilling and they genuinely care about the well-being and growth of their employees just as much as they care about providing an exceptional experience for their clients.

    When he’s not working, Trent spends his time with his dog, Vince, who has unexpectedly taken over his life! He also manages to squeeze in some time for tennis, golf, running and traveling.

Get motivated!

  • Respect

    We want to create the best experience for clients who are looking for a landscape.

  • Ambition

    We want to take risks and grow, creating opportunities for others while we do so.

  • Starting with Why

    We want to dig a little deeper, so that our clients feel heard, understood and cared for.

  • Gratitude

    We want to be motivated by thankfulness, appreciating every opportunity our clients give us.

Three Generations of the "Green Thumb"

Vandenberg was initially established in Ontario by Gerardus Vandenberg, Matt Vandenberg’s grandfather. An immigrant from Holland, Gerardus was a stonemason and market gardener there. After moving to Canada, he transformed his skills into a landscaping business. When Gerardus's son Henry moved to B.C. more than 40 years ago, he officially started what was then called Vandenberg’s Landscaping in 1978.

The "green thumb" has been in the Vandenberg family for three generations. Matt's father took over, and eventually, he handed over the reins to Matt, who grew up learning the business from his father and grandfather. Each generation has been and is dedicated to quality workmanship performed with passion and professionalism.



Work. Learn. Grow.

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