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What to expect during landscape construction

Choose the right company for a smooth and enjoyable experience

Raise your hand if you’ve been thinking about reimagining your front or back yard — or both — but are hesitant to start because you’re worried about the process. You’ve heard stories about mess and construction that never seems to end, making your yard unusable for months and creating issues with your neighbours. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Vandenberg, we shaped our process to be as enjoyable and as intuitive as possible for our clients — so you get the landscape you’ve been dreaming about without unnecessary hassles. In this post, we’ll walk you through our entire process so you know what you should expect from a professional landscape company. Read on!

1. The initial meeting

In this first meeting, you should be introduced to someone who will be your initial point of contact. At Vandenberg, that person would be our Client Care Manager.

This first meeting is crucial, since it’s when you’ll have the chance to explore your vision for your property with a professional and determine if we’re a good fit — meaning they listen to you with empathy, have the necessary credentials and training and can show you a beautiful portfolio of completed work. 

We use this opportunity to get to know you better, and the reason(s) why you want to update your property — it’s the first step in our purpose-driven design process.

2. Receive recommendation

After the initial meeting, you should receive a design proposal based on the vision you shared. We include a video along with our proposal, to make your vision clearer and easier for you to envision. 

In this proposal, the designer will help you prioritize features, suggest appropriate materials and add meaningful details in your new landscape — taking your vision and expanding on it to make it incredible! 

At Vandenberg, we believe you should be involved in the design process, and you have the final say. We believe your new landscape should reflect your tastes and lifestyle so it’s uniquely yours — no cookie-cutter landscapes here!

3. Approve the design 

After you look through the recommendations and approve the concept, your landscape is ready for design. At Vandenberg, that means meeting with the design team at a kickoff meeting, where we go deeper and clarify your vision.

After working out your landscape design on paper, you’ll be invited to review the progress and maybe even try it on for size with 3D digital renderings. At this stage, an initial budget is included for your information and approval. 

After making any revisions, it’s time to schedule the installation — all you have to do now is sit back and watch the transformation take place!

4. Construction begins…

This is where the magic happens, and is why we’re so passionate about our jobs! Here’s what you can expect during the construction phase:

  • Clearing the site and protecting existing structures from damage — At this stage, we also let the neighbours know what’s happening and give them a number to call if they encounter any issues.
  • Construction timeline — You’ll be provided with an overview of the construction phases, along with an estimate of how long each phase should take. Keep in mind that there could be factors, such as the weather, that could influence the timeline.
  • Site cleanliness and disruptions — While it’s impossible to install a new landscape without dirt and mess, a professional landscape company should keep it to a minimum. At Vandenberg, that means maintaining a clean, organized and safe work area at all times. This also includes minimizing noise and inconvenience to neighbouring properties.
  • Repairing damages — Should accidental damages occur, the contractor should take full responsibility for them and provide the necessary repairs without any additional charges. 

During the construction phase, you should expect regular updates from the landscape company, preferably from your point of contact. If you choose to build with Vandenberg, your project manager will touch base with you daily during the build, whether on-site, by email or by text message.

5. Enjoy your completed landscape!

When your project is complete, we walk you through the finished product with one of our team members. This is your opportunity to voice any questions or concerns and understand how everything works, such as where to turn off the gas to your outdoor kitchen or how to operate the pump for the pool. 

Once you’re 100% satisfied, that’s it… the only decision left to make is who to invite to your first outdoor party! (Most of us like our steaks medium-rare…; )

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, schedule a free consultation… and this time next year you could be enjoying a gorgeous new landscape!

Written by  Matt Vandenberg