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Building a Strong Company Culture

How our mission, vision and values improve your experience

What sets a company apart from its competitors?

Here at Vandenberg, we think it’s why we do what we do.

On a very basic level, we help our customers — but we believe we do far more than just that. It’s our mission, vision and values statements that make your experience with us the best it can be.

Curious what gets our team out of bed in the morning? Read on and see!

A mission and vision inspired by you!

Everything we do is about your experience with us. Because without happy clients (and their word-of-mouth referrals), what’s the point? When business is done well, it’s a beautiful thing, because it means we’re providing people like you with service and value.

That’s why our mission is to improve the way people experience landscape services. 

Our vision is a reflection of what happens when we carry out our mission successfully. So that’s what we kept in mind when we put together our vision statement. When we accomplish our mission, we see… 

  • More thoughtful designs.
  • A more professional landscaping experience.
  • Clients who feel confident during the construction process.
  • Fewer delays and no cost overruns.
  • Our clients enjoying spaces they can truly call their own and spending more time outside.
  • Our team members feeling inspired and empowered.

These statements are important to have because they give everyone something they can stand behind — whether they’re on our team or they’re clients! At their core, the goal is to bring people together outside and improve their experience with the landscape profession at the same time.

The bonus? Our team is more engaged, which means a better experience for you. And when both of those things happen, it benefits the surrounding community too.

Core values inspired by our team… and our history.

When my father, Henry Vandenberg, founded (what was then called) Vandenberg’s Landscaping in 1978, he had no idea what we would become one day!

When he eventually handed over the reins to me (Matt), we had learned a few things about running a business. One of those things was realizing how important core values are to the function of our company.

1. Respect

We want to create the best experience for clients who are looking for a landscape.

This starts with respecting every single one of our clients, as well as everyone on our team and anyone else we partner with to bring your landscape to life.

The cornerstone of any good relationship is respect — and part of that respect is clear communication. That means easy-to-understand estimates along with punctual and courteous staff. If something ever happens that is not according to plan, we’ll be sure to let you know.

For our clients, this means a team that truly cares about your experience with us!

2. Ambition

We want to take risks and grow, creating opportunities for others while we do so. By growing as individuals and professionals, we’re giving clients like you the best possible experience you can have with us.

This is one of the reasons why we have clear “career paths” at Vandenberg that outline how everyone in our company can keep growing with us and stay with us long-term. We also offer a robust training and professional development program.

For our clients, this means a driven, dedicated team that is always learning and growing — determined to give you excellent value.

3. Starting With Why

We want to dig a little deeper, so that our clients feel heard, understood and cared for.

This one gets back to communication and respect. But more importantly of all — listening. And not just making sure we hear you, but active listening, the kind that pokes and prods you along. When we talk with you during consultations, we will reflect on what you’re saying while you say it so we can make recommendations and guide you as you make decisions.

The goal is always to find your “why?”

For our clients, this means we get to the heart of exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Gratitude

We want to be motivated by thankfulness, appreciating every opportunity our clients give us.

By taking a posture of gratitude, our team stays positive even when the going gets tough. This value is also why we host regular team events like our yearly “summit” and summer barbecues.

For our clients, this means you’re partnering with a team that enjoys coming to work, day in and day out!

Bringing value to you is driven by our values.

The above values were developed through the decades as our company grew. They’re now what we look to when we hire new team members and how we define ourselves on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, it’s easy to write about it, but what really matters isn’t what I say — it’s what you, our clients, are saying.

That’s why I encourage you to take a look at our Houzz and Google reviews, all directly from happy clients.

If you like what you see, you can schedule a consultation with us when you’re ready.

Written by  Matt Vandenberg