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Five Benefits of Professional Landscape Design

Why your landscape project should always start with design

Most Canadians spend the majority of their life indoors.

A few years ago (before COVID hit), CBC reported on an Ipsos poll that asked 2,000 Canadians why they’re spending less time outside.

The findings? 9 out of 10 agreed that they’re happier when surrounded by wilderness, but three-quarters of them admitted that they find staying inside “easier.”

Part of our mission as a landscape company is to help change that. Our goal is to see our clients enjoying more time outside, in spaces they can truly call their own. We want to make it easy to spend time outdoors!

But getting there isn’t simple — landscape design is a complex process that requires an expert. Here are five big reasons why it’s worth paying for.

What exactly is landscape design, and why is it valuable?

Landscape design is simply a thoughtfully-crafted plan of what your space will look like when it’s finished. Not having a plan can be both costly and frustrating. Having a plan lets us help you (our clients) experience your space before building it and understand final costs to avoid any surprises.

There are five big reasons why every landscaping project should start with design:

1. See it before you build it.

A professional landscape designer always includes a detailed proposal with their design.

Here at Vandenberg, that’s a 3D concept plan of your yard. We’ve found that this format is the easiest way to communicate exactly what the finished product will be, as opposed to a 2D plan which can still create some disconnect between what’s on paper and exactly what those ideas will look like. You’ll be able to envision yourself in your landscape before the building even begins!

2. Prevent future issues before they happen.

Since landscapes are outdoors, the design work is very different than something like interior design — which tends to be more static because the environment is controlled. Since your yard is an outdoor setting, it’s important to look at your site as a living, breathing ecosystem. 

Obviously, long-term weather is always unpredictable and there are four seasons of wildly different conditions throughout the year. And without regular maintenance, a landscape can quickly become overgrown or untidy. 

But working with an experienced landscape designer prevents the headaches that can come from this unpredictability — and always keeps your future vision in mind.

3. Set the tone for our working relationship.

When you pay for design, you’re showing the design company that you’re committed. This is an important first step and it allows us the freedom to do our very best work for you. 

At Vandenberg, you’ll receive timely communication from us during every step of our design process.

4. Get a clear budget & an accurate timeline.

Once we’ve completed our final round of designs, you’ll have a clear picture of exactly what you can expect to pay — and when. 

Since our design work happens in-house, we don’t need to work with many (if any) subcontractors.

Because of this, we’re able to give you a more accurate project schedule, so you can spend less time worrying about when your landscape will be completed. Instead, spend more time dreaming about the finished product, knowing that it’s in capable hands.

Take a look at some of our completed projects!

5. Get our very best work!

Trent — that’s me, the author of this post — is Vandenberg’s lead designer. I have a Horticulture degree from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the Landscape Design program and am continuously learning through part-time schooling in Design at Thompson Rivers University. 

With over a decade of experience under my belt, I’m able to ask you the right questions. Combining my knowledge with our purpose-driven design process (we always ask you “why” you want what you want) means that when all is said and done, you’ll have a landscape that’s truly yours.

If you’re interested in starting a landscape design with us or just want to know more about the process, browse our featured projects or get in touch!

Written by  Trent Brown