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The top five ways to enhance your landscape

Small enhancements that make a big impact

We all dream about having a perfect backyard — a place to escape, unwind and make memories with family and friends.

However, a larger design project isn't for everyone. Fortunately, there are smaller ways to enhance your landscape. Here are five great features that can help enhance and liven up your outdoor space… with lots of photos for inspiration!

1. Create tranquility with a water feature.

Sit back and relax with the sounds of rushing water and flowing streams. Adding a water feature creates a beautiful view and a calmness that brings you back to nature.

There are many water features to choose from. Choosing the right one depends on the space or the price point you're looking for. There are smaller options like a bubbling rock or a more significant water feature like a full stream that flows through your property.

rocky waterfall

2. Cool off with swimming pools, spas, and wading ponds.

Taking the plunge to add a pool to your backyard is one of the best ways to elevate your outdoor space and escape the heat on those hot summer days.

pool with bar

Spend your afternoons with family and friends in a swimming pool — with so many types to choose from we've written about swimming pools to help you decide which one is best for you.

pool with hot tub light at night

Relax in your intimate spa pool with massaging jets, ambient lighting and waterproof speakers so you can spend your time escaping reality in your own backyard.

swim pond

Create a naturalistic escape with an aesthetically pleasing swimming pond! Inspired by natural springs and lakes, a natural pool or swimming pond invites nature back into your outdoors and offers an organic, chemical-free alternative to a swimming pool.

3. Spend more time outdoors with a structure or patio. 

Patios can be a simple or complex design, but there's no denying that they're one of the best ways to enhance your backyard. Dress it up with furniture and the right decor, and you'll be dining and entertaining to your heart's content.

An outdoor structure is great for enhancing your outdoor space, and there are different kinds to create! A beautiful gazebo by the garden is the perfect spot to have a morning coffee. Or construct an outdoor room that brings the inside outdoors with a pavilion. Outdoor structures also help you stay out of the sun and rain but still spend lots of time outside.

outdoor patio cover and gazebo

4. Get cozy with a fire feature.

There are few things better than cozying up by the flames on a cold night and enjoying drinks and good conversation.

Firepits are compact and often circular so that they can be comfortably enjoyed by everyone — from your significant other to your entire family and friends. They tend to be less expensive than fireplaces, making them affordable.

Fireplaces tend to be "hearths" complete with chimneys. In most cases, they can only be faced from one side. This can make them cozier, more intimate, and an excellent focal point for outdoor rooms, but they're also more expensive than firepits. You can also enjoy an open fire year-round instead of just on summer nights.

fire pit with chairs

5. A golf lover’s paradise.

What if you don't have to drive to the range every weekend and simultaneously make your golf buddies green with envy? Step outside to your very own putting green and practice your short game anytime you want! Or create a little friendly competition with friends and family by adding a mini-putt course to your backyard.

putting green

Get ready to enhance your landscape.

No matter what you choose, an enhancement can greatly impact your backyard, turning it into a fantastic spot to enjoy time with family and friends.

If you're interested in adding any of these special features to your landscape, we can help! Contact us to get started on enhancing your space.

Written by  Trent Brown