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How to Bring Resort-Style Living to Your B.C. Backyard

Tips and ideas to create a great poolside experience

Pools have always been a popular addition to homes in British Columbia. But with summers getting longer and hotter thanks to climate change, owning your own pool is starting to seem more like a necessity than a luxury.

Homeowners are looking to maximize and personalize their outdoor spaces so they can enjoy resort-style living all year round — not just for a few weeks each year. 

Whether you're installing a new pool or renovating an existing one, here are some tips and ideas to help you create your own little slice of paradise.

Safety first

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to pool design and installation. Make sure your pool has proper fencing, a locked gate, and pool alarms to prevent accidents and keep your family and guests safe. 

kids playing in pool

Go natural!

One of the latest trends in pool design is to integrate natural elements like rocks, boulders, and waterfalls into the pool area. This can create a more naturalistic and inviting atmosphere, as well as provide privacy and a sense of tranquility. 

Or you could take it one step further and opt for a natural swimming pond, which makes you feel like you’re swimming down by the lake at your summer cottage. You can tailor your pond to suit your backyard and have it blend seamlessly with your landscape design.

Add a modern touch

Technology has greatly influenced every aspect of modern living, and pools are no exception. There are all sorts of high-tech pool gadgets you can add to make owning and operating a pool easier… and a lot more fun!

  • Using Wi-Fi to monitor the water quality 24/7, sending results to your smartphone and alerting you when it’s time to add chemicals — and how much is needed. 
  • Installing an automatic swimming pool scrubber to patrol your pool to detect and suck up debris and other pollutants to keep your water clear. 
  • Control your pool’s heater and pump system from your smartphone, so your pool is always at the optimal temperature when you’re ready to swim. 
  • Install LED pool lights to add vibrance and drama to your pool, changing the colour to enhance the mood. Lights improve visibility at night, making it safe to keep the pool party going after dark.
  • Boost the entertainment value of your yard with an outdoor sound system — There’s nothing like listening to your favourite tunes while relaxing by the pool!
pool with bar

Choose the right materials 

Pool decking frames the pool and provides a safe path around its edge, often extending far enough past the pool to accommodate poolside furniture. Selecting the right materials is crucial to ensuring a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing design. 

  • Make sure the decking is made from non-slip materials.
  • The decking should be smooth and even to keep people from tripping or hurting their bare feet.
  • Choose a material that reflects heat to keep it cooler on hot days.
  • Select the material that blends in with other areas of your yard to make it aesthetically pleasing.
  • Consider longevity of the materials, as well as the time and costs of maintenance. A wood deck, for instance, won’t last as long as one made from concrete and will need a lot more maintenance to keep it looking good. 

Natural stone, concrete, pavers, wood and composite boards are all popular choices for pool decking — so choose the one that best suits your landscape’s design aesthetic. A trend for 2023 is to define outdoor spaces by randomizing the pattern of decking or patio materials. A herringbone pattern or different coloured tiles, for example, can be used beneath patio furniture to mimic an outdoor area rug.

Live large on a smaller scale

Resort living is all about the amenities. An outdoor kitchen where you can prepare meals while chatting with your guests… a pool or spa for fun and relaxation… a patio for dining... a firepit for cool evenings… and anything else you can dream of.

Unless you have a large estate, space can be limited. Opting for a smaller pool gives you the space for landscaping and other outdoor living features while still providing all the enjoyment that comes from owning a pool. You might even consider a swim spa, which is a combination between a pool and a hot tub. You can swim, play and exercise in the water or enjoy a therapeutic soak.

A word about maintenance: 

Regular cleaning, balancing chemicals, and routine maintenance are essential when it comes to maintaining your pool. Keep an eye on the water level, and always remove debris from the surface to prevent clogs and damage to your pool equipment. It's also important to schedule regular inspections and repairs to address any issues before they become major problems.

By incorporating these trends and tips into your pool design, you can create a beautiful backyard escape where you and your family can spend time together, under the summer sun.

Whether you're looking to add a new pool to your home or update an existing one, the possibilities are endless, and the rewards are great. 

When you’re ready to take the plunge and want to start planning your pool, schedule a consultation with us. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and the various options available to you.

Written by  Matt Vandenberg