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Why Work at Vandenberg Landscapes?

The top five benefits of working here… and why our culture rocks!

Spending the entire day outside is awesome. Fresh air. Sun on your face. Getting lots of exercise. Going to bed tired. And best of all…seeing the result of your hard work when the day is done. Those who work in landscaping know why they do it… it’s rewarding!

But for those who like to work outdoors, the biggest challenge is finding a place to work that’s more than just a job, but a place to grow a career.

Companies that show you how you can grow — and what rewards you can expect when you get there — are few and far between. And then there’s all those other factors like wages, health & dental insurance and regular shiftwork. (No one likes working weekends!)

 Here at Vandenberg, we hear you! Here’s our top five benefits… and why working here rocks!

Five big benefits of working at Vandenberg

Here are the five biggest benefits of working here and why our team values each one!

1. Competitive “living wages”

We monitor the wages of our competitors in the area and ensure ours line up accordingly. Our starting wage is generally 10% higher because of this. For labourers and installation technicians, our entry-level roles, start at $19 to 22 an hour, plus overtime!

2. Full health & dental benefits

All of our team members are eligible for health and dental insurance (and more!) after a three-month probationary period.

Our benefits are administered through a health care spending account. That means we as a company make monthly contributions to your account on your behalf. Then, whenever you make a drug, dental, vision or medical purchase, you get reimbursed out of these contributions.

Plus, it covers both you and your family! You get the freedom to choose the health products and services that are important to you… instead of having your values questioned by an insurance company with exclusions and limitations.

3. Consistent shifts

Our work is full-time nearly all year long. On average, we’re off for two weeks in the winter (and who doesn’t like a bit of downtime in the winter, anyways?).

For those coming from out of the province to work here, you’re going to love how mild our winters are! More on the awesome outdoor activities here further down!

4. Paid time off

We encourage time off! Spending time with our families is very important to our team and company and is one of the reasons why one of our values is “Gratitude.”

All team members get statutory holidays off and two to three weeks of vacation. You can also take additional unpaid time off by special request.

Resting up and recharging is the only way to do a good and consistent job for our clients.

5. Career path opportunities

At Vandenberg, we want you to see how you can grow with us, not just have a job. Our team has grown through the years because we’ve given them the freedom to learn and grow.

Once you’re a team member, we’ll give you clear pathways to advance and succeed. You get to grow as a person and a professional, and we grow as a company. It’s a win-win! (If you’re curious, you can see examples of these paths on our Careers page.)

What about the team? A bit about our culture… 

When the work is done for the day we know how to have some fun too. We have regular team events and a yearly “summit” that includes a team meeting, dinner and fun activity (this year it’s curling!).

We’re headquartered in Chilliwack and have loads of outdoor activities a short distance away. Want to golf? Take in a Canucks game? Go off-roading? Swim or fish? It’s all possible!

Recently, we’ve had multiple people relocate from other provinces, specifically Ontario, to come and work with us. The climate and outdoor activities are a big part of it… especially those mountains!

Ready to start a career that goes beyond the day-to-day job?

You can find out more about working here on our Careers page, and be sure to check out our Instagram to get an idea of the sort of projects you’ll be working on. You’ll also get to know our awesome team there too!

Written by  Matt Vandenberg